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Lawn Replacement in Camas, WA

Posted on by Urban Eden

Is your lawn so full of weeds you’re not sure if there’s any grass left? Or perhaps the ground is so unlevel it’s almost impossible to mow without breaking an ankle. There are many reasons someone may be considering starting over and reseeding or laying sod to replace their old, tired lawn. Removing the old grass patch isn’t an easy task but Urban Eden Landscaping makes lawn replacement in Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington an easy and exciting process.

Lawn Removal

Our professional lawn service crews know exactly what results you’re looking for and are well trained to make them happen. As always, we’ll show up when we’re scheduled and we’re always on time. To begin the process, the crews will start removing the existing lawn. We, most often, recommend removing the lawn without the use of any chemicals or herbicides. Instead, we’ll use the proper equipment to manually cut out the lawn in order for all the debris to be hauled away. The jobsite is properly cleared each day, so you’re left without any mess each time we finish up a day’s work.

Rototilling and Soil Amending

Unlike many other companies that don’t properly prep and install the areas, we ensure that the soil is properly amended as we do offer rototilling services. We deliver the correct amount of soil, rototill the area, and rake the area out to perfection. We spend extra time making sure that the area is level, free of any voids, excess debris, and rocks.

Sod Installation

Having sod installed gives your home a new, instant, and pronounced look. Our crews deliver sod, lay out the sod appropriately, and shape the lawn exactly how you envisioned. Any excess trimmings are hauled away and the crew ensures that the brand-new lawn gets its first drink of water.

Seed Installation

If you prefer our crews install grass seed instead, we, of course, offer that service as well. The soil preparation is the same method. In place of laying sod, the crews will properly distribute grass seed to the desired areas and install a thin layer of seed mulch or top-dressing to protect from drying out and getting eaten by birds. Our landscapers will always make sure everything is properly watered and your home is looking tidy and well-kept in their departure.

Replacing your lawn can be tough work, but Urban Eden Landscaping is always up for the challenge. Contact us today or fill out a free estimate form online.



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