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Increasing Your Home Value By Landscaping

Posted on by Urban Eden

The real estate market is booming in Vancouver, Washougal, and Camas, Washington, so focusing on how to increase your property value and your home’s appeal is essential. Most of us are looking to achieve an increase in our property value while maintaining a budget. The easiest and most cost-effective way to go about this is by updating and maintaining your landscape.

Curb Appeal

The foremost benefit of revamping your landscape is obvious; it adds a high degree of curb appeal. Curb appeal is essential in landing potential home buyers. Home buyers will be far more likely (and excited) to view a property that is pleasing to the eye. First impressions are an important part of selling any home. If the home buyer is immediately put off by a home’s landscape, the chances of them making an offer on the home decrease significantly. Therefore, updating your home’s landscape will increase the likelihood that potential buyers will even view the property to begin with, let alone make an offer.

Make a Plan

Having a well thought out landscape plan is vital. Most homeowners plant trees, shrubs, flowers and various other plants on a whim, without a well-constructed plan or design in mind. This route usually leaves your yard and landscape looking unorganized and disorderly. Sitting down and properly drawing out a plan for your landscape is a prerequisite for having a beautiful looking yard. Attempting this on your own can seem overwhelming, so hiring a landscape company, like Urban Eden, may be the most efficient path to take.


Making your landscape as low maintenance as possible will appeal to a vast number of potential home buyers. If buyers see a beautiful landscape that will not require an abundance of work and attention, they will be far less likely to feel overwhelmed by the thought of maintaining it. Furthermore, if the potential buyer has a high level of interest in developing a more complex landscape, they will see a low-maintenance yard as a canvas for creating their dream landscape. Purchasing plants that are native to your area and/or plants that are drought resistant will require less water and, therefore, maintenance, which will achieve a more low-maintenance appearance.

Creating More Living Space

Aside from keeping your landscape looking low-maintenance and boosting your home’s curb appeal, creating an outdoor living space is also quite pleasing to potential buyers. Creating elegant pathways and outdoor seating is a great way to increase property value. Furthermore, putting in covered areas and fire pits (especially for the cold months in Camas, Washington) will greatly increase the attractiveness of any landscape.

If you would like assistance in creating the perfect landscape for yourself or to appeal to potential home buyers, please contact us today or fill out a free estimate request form online.



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