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How to Choose a Lawn Care Company

Posted on by Urban Eden

Choosing the right lawn care company for you and your needs can be an arduous process in Camas, Washougal, or Vancouver, Washington. A period that is often filled with hours of research and meetings. When searching for the right landscape company, it’s important to consider all services offered by the company and the factors that set them apart from the rest. At Urban Eden Landscaping, we are confident that our quality of work, training, speed of service, licensing, and communication will demonstrate that we are a cut above the rest. If you’re currently in the market for a lawn care provider, look no further!

Quality of Work

Above all else, Urban Eden Landscaping is defined by our quality of work. The superior service we provide is the product of extensive training and decisive leadership. All employees are trained to follow very strict internal procedures that outline exactly how we operate. Our crew leads are trained to specialize in all areas of lawn care and constantly maintain an open line of communication with the office. Such rigorous training leads to consistent, high quality lawn care. Crews arrive on time, uniformed, and in a marked Urban Eden truck. Our crews work with high ethical standards, showing your yard the respect it deserves.

Our well-equipped employees are not the only factor responsible for our quality of work. At Urban Eden, we have a 100% risk free guarantee. On the off chance that you’re unhappy with the service provided, we will come back out and rectify the issue at no extra charge. If you still aren’t satisfied, we will go as far as paying one of our competitors to complete the job for us. That’s how confident we are in our work and, once you’ve used our services, you will be too!

Licensed and Legal

Urban Eden Landscaping is licensed in the state of Washington. All our employees are legal U.S. citizens and workers. We are also fully insured for your protection. This is a rarity in the lawn care industry. If your property is damaged by an uninsured company, or a worker is hurt on the job, the homeowner, or their insurance, is on the hook. With Urban Eden, that will never be the case. Many companies claim to have insurance or creatively state that their trucks are insured. When picking a company, it’s important to ensure they have general liability insurance. Before signing up for service, we are happy to provide a written copy of our policy.

Keeping your personal information secure is something we take very seriously. Because we handle credit card numbers, Urban Eden is PCI compliant and uses 256-bit encryption bank level security. Once your credit card information has been entered into the system, no employee can see it. Landscape companies that practice this level of security are few and far between.


Easy and efficient communication is hard to come by when searching for a landscape company. At Urban Eden, we pride ourselves on our open line of communication. We are easily accessible and have invested significantly to make sure that when you speak with someone at our office, they know who you are and what you’re calling about. Everyone in the office has, at one time, worked in the field or still does periodically, ensuring the best advice possible. You will always be talking to a real person on the phone, never a computer. Should we miss your call, we will get back to you quickly, most often that same day.

We aren’t just effective communicators over the phone. Urban Eden has established a strong internet presence and has become one of the best (and most) reviewed landscape companies in Southwest Washington. As for emails, we generally respond within 1-2 hours during the week and, if contacted during the weekend, first thing Monday morning. In addition to all of this, we send out a monthly newsletter and have blog posts on our website that provide seasonal tips and tricks to implement around your property.

A Superior Landscape Company

Mentioning these few major differences barely scratches the surface of all the benefits we work hard to provide for you. As you browse your many options for lawn care service, please consider the peace of mind that comes with Urban Eden Landscaping; a company that will never waste your time, will provide expert advice, and the highest quality work around. You can reach us at (360)-567-6399. You can also contact us here or fill out a free estimate request form. We look forward to working with you and sincerely appreciate your consideration!



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