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Bark Dust, Bark Chips, and Compost Delivery & Installation in Camas, WA

Posted on by Urban Eden

Installing a layer of mulch to your flower or garden beds is a great way to help fight off weeds, retain moister, protect plant roots from freezing temperatures, and, not to mention, give your landscape a beautiful, finished appearance. Urban Eden Landscaping can deliver and install a variety of landscape materials to your home or workplace in Camas, Washougal and Vancouver, Washington.

Hemlock Bark Dust

Hemlock bark dust is known as a sliver-less bark dust. It is great for yards with pets and children. The bark is a beautiful, rich, dark brown color. Hemlock is perfect for flower beds, around trees and shrubs, and is commonly used and very popular for both residential and commercial landscapes.

Medium Fir Bark Dust

Medium fir bark dust is very similar in texture as the hemlock. However, it does not offer the same sliver-less quality. Fir is a vibrant reddish orange color and is also widely used in flower beds and around trees and shrubs.

Cedar Chips

Cedar bark chips are larger in size and have that amazing golden cedar tone. These bark chips are most commonly used for playground areas. Furthermore, they are also a very affordable and efficient way of creating barked pathways. Cedar chips can also be used in mulching chicken coop areas or even a fenced in dog run. Using the cedar chips in these areas is ideal as they’re also known to be sliver-less.

Bark Nuggets

Bark nuggets come in a range of sizes which include mini nuggets, small nuggets, and large nuggets. The bark nuggets are a great addition to any yard and can help make landscape maintenance an easier task by preventing weeds. This landscape product is also great because it allows water to more easily penetrate the soil, keeping those thirsty plants happy. Bark nuggets are most commonly used in flower beds and can easily beautify your landscape in Camas, Washougal, or Vancouver, WA.

Compost, 3 Way Soil Mix, Topsoil, and Sand

No matter your landscape project, Urban Eden can help get you your materials in a timely manner. If you’re fixing up the lawn and need soil or fill dirt, or if you’re thinking about starting a new vegetable garden and need to rototill and add compost in preparation of planting, or if you have a “DIY” landscape project but just don’t have a pickup truck, we are here to help make your project go smoothly, by saving you time and getting your landscape materials to you with ease.

So, if you are looking to have some form of mulch or bark installed, look no further than Urban Eden Landscaping; we are always here and eager to help with all of your landscaping needs. Contact us today, call us at (360)567-6399 or fill out a free estimate form online. For more information on the importance and benefits of installing mulch in your landscape, look here!



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