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Urban Eden Lawn Blog

Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Fall

Fall is approaching rapidly in Camas and Washougal, Washington. Right now is the best time to start preparing your yard and outdoor spaces for the coming months. Here are some helpful guidelines to help get your yard looking great for the autumn months.
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Hiring a Professional Lawn Care Company

Deciding between hiring a lawn care company to help with your landscape needs versus doing it all yourself can take time and consideration. If you are torn between the idea of hiring a professional lawn care maintenance provider and caring for your lawn yourself, then these reasons for hiring a professional lawn care company may help in your decision.
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Controlling Weeds Organically: A Simple Guide to Natural Weed Control

Weeds pose problems for your garden beds and lawns year round in Camas and Washougal, Washington. Controlling weeds in these areas can be frustrating. That’s why many people turn to hazardous and unhealthy chemicals for a solution in solving their weed infestations. However, the same results can be achieved through the use of organic weed control methods, without the complications that come with using chemical solutions. This blog will discuss several options for DIY and homemade organic methods of controlling the growth and spread of weeds on your property in the Pacific Northwest without the use of unnecessary and harmful chemicals.

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Lawn Care Tips: Watering and Fertilizing

Are you having troubles getting your lawn to look as green and lush as you would like? Tired of slaving away, attempting to have a rich, full lawn, but keep ending up with dead or brown spots in your lawn? Urban Eden has good news for you! Armed with these tips, you can quickly have your lawn looking beautiful again. Aside from aeration and dethatching, which are two extremely beneficial services you should perform on your lawn (and which we have discussed extensively in the past and will again in the future), proper watering and fertilizing are two of the most important services to help restore your lawn. For more information about aerating, click here, and for more information about dethatching, click here.
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Preparing and Maintaining Your Yard for Summer

We have just about made it through the wettest part of the year! So, since summer is almost upon us, its time to start preparing your yard for the warmer temperatures. There are several things that you should consider doing to your lawn before and during the dry months of summer, here in Camas, Washington.
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Gardening Service in Camas & Washougal

Often times, life can get in the way of creating or even maintaining a beautiful garden. It doesn’t take long for a vegetable garden to become overgrown with weeds and grass and using chemicals anywhere near the plots is a big “NO-NO.” Urban Eden would love the opportunity to help you and your family have a fighting chance at growing your own food and tasting the difference of organic home grown produce.
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Lawn Service in Camas, Washington

In your search for a lawn service company in Camas, WA there are obviously a lot of choices to be made. We make the process of beginning service with us as easy as possible. From the start, we quickly respond to phone calls, emails, and request forms from all our prospective clients. Once we have arranged a time for a one on one consultation we quickly put together an easy-to-read estimate and send it over to you via email. After accepting our estimate, we then schedule the service as soon as our calendar allows, our crews will then show up on time, and get the work done quickly and efficiently. Obtaining landscape maintenance and yard clean ups in Camas, WA has never been so easy and pain-free.
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Bark Dust, Bark Chips, and Compost Delivery & Installation in Camas, WA

Installing a layer of mulch to your flower or garden beds is a great way to help fight off weeds, retain moister, protect plant roots from freezing temperatures, and, not to mention, give your landscape a beautiful finished appearance. Urban Eden can deliver and install a variety of landscape materials to your home or workplace. 

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Preparing Your Lawn for Spring

Spring is almost upon us here in Camas and Washougal, Washington. Due to the weather, you’ve probably been cooped up indoors all winter and your yard may need a little (or a lot) of attention to bring it back to its full potential. This task can seem daunting and downright overwhelming. But, before you get too stressed by the thought of all that work, fear not, Urban Eden Landscaping is here to help you get that yard looking great! Here are some of the things we can do to get your yard back in order.
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Camas Landscape Maintenance Services

As your local landscaper, in Camas, WA, our goal is to ensure that all of our clients get the lawn service they deserve. We aim to have the best communication in the industry so you always know what is happening with your landscape. Furthermore, we are continuously looking to improve, not only the look of your property, but the quality of our services as well. Our office staff are always answering calls and, should we miss a call, we get back to you as soon as possible and always the same day.

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