Why choose landscaping and lawn care services?

Local public works departments are at work keeping Columbia Riverside parks like the Captain William Clark Regional Park clean and inviting. The knowledge required for landscaping is acquired over years of practice, research, and care. You can spend years studying local plant species; or you can contact the professionals at Urban Eden Landscaping.

Don’t destroy your yard by DIY. Call us today and have our landscaping experts restore it the right way!

Create your urban Eden with the help of our local landscaping company in Vancouver.

Maintain your lawn the smart way.

Our lawn maintenance is scheduled on your time. Because of the weather in Washougal, grass grows fast. We can winterize your lawn and maintain its beauty even during long hot summers.

Remove ground cover plants with ivy and blackberry removal.

Removing ivy can be a chore for homeowners. Some types are invasive and non-native. Blackberry vines can overtake a yard, walling off areas and taking up space. They also shelter pests. Our landscapers are experienced at removing blackberry bushes and ivy vines. We also take steps to keep it away long term.

Expert lawn mowing that doesn’t hurt your grass.

We use commercial quality mowers. These have a wider cutting area and more precise cut than store models. This service is perfect if mowing the lawn is causing you trouble. We also work with homeowners who must meet rigid local HOA standards. Why risk fines when we can provide you with a perfectly cut lawn?

Aerating, dethatching and weed control.

Controlling weeds like clover and other invasive species help your lawn thrive. When paired with dethatching and aeration your lawn gets the nutrients it needs without the competition it doesn’t.

Your complete yard cleanup company in Washougal.

Lawn and yard cleanup let you spend more time enjoying your lawn. We offer affordable fall and spring cleanup prices in addition to scheduled services. This includes brush and tree removal, leaf raking, detritus removal, and more. Our landscapers bring out the beauty in your landscape.

Choose local landscaping now.

Our landscaping company was founded on a strong work ethic and the satisfaction of our customers. We deliver professional services at affordable prices. Don’t risk your yard on DIY. The help you want is right around the corner. Just call or contact us now for scheduling.

You may request services by calling our office at 360-567-6399, or by simply filling out our Free Estimate form.

We check our emails frequently so expect a response within 24 hours. We are ready and waiting to assist you with your lawn care needs.

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