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Bramble Removal

Bramble is a term most often used in reference to blackberry, but can also encompass other creeping, prickly vines and shrubs as well. Removing bramble can be an arduous task, especially for the inexperienced or unprepared individual. If bramble is left to grow unfettered, it will consume most everything in its path, from trees and plants to entire structures. Therein lies the importance of treating and removing bramble as quickly as possible. Urban Eden Landscaping strives to avoid the use of harmful chemicals or herbicides and attempts to remove bramble by hand. This article will discuss the best way to remove this invasive species without the use of chemicals.

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Yard Clean Up

Staying caught up with your landscape chores can be difficult in Vancouver, Camas, and Washougal, Washington areas. Leaves and other debris falls in abundance, desirable and undesirable plants, alike, grow quickly, and before your know it, your landscape can transform into an urban jungle. Often, the best and only way to get ahead is to administer a complete yard cleanup. This article will discuss some of the tasks entailed in any yard cleanup service.

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