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Lawn Maintenance Salmon Creek

Lawn Maintenance Salmon Creek Wa

Professional Lawn Maintenance, Stellar Results

Salmon Creek residents should be proud of their lawns, and maintaining them doesn’t have to take all weekend.

With so much to do in the area, why spend your free time raking, mowing, pruning, and weed pulling? At Urban Eden Landscaping, lawn care service is our job and our passion.

Avoid hours of wasted time trying to revive neglected outdoor spaces using the wrong techniques and inadequate equipment. Our team applies best horticultural practices to keep your property healthy and lush for the long term.

Why not maximize your free time by letting us handle your lawn maintenance tasks? We are equipped to handle big jobs easily and efficiently so you can have the yard you want without the stress and backbreaking work. 

Northwest growing seasons are sometimes inconsistent – with both winters and summers lasting longer, and spring bringing extra rain it can be difficult to plan for yard maintenance. That’s why our professional landscapers can help you keep your outdoor areas tidy and lush year round.

We provide landscaping service, yard care, and more

Urban Eden provides a range of landscaping and yard care services that can be customized and combined to encourage the right kind of growth and discourage the wrong kind.

We can even help you prepare your landscaping for winter, keep it healthy during the heat of the summer, and offer advice for ideal tree and shrub placement.

Lawn maintenance services we provide include:

  • Hedge Trimming
  • Tree Pruning and Trimming
  • Winterizing Your Lawn
  • Lawn Mowing and Cleanup
  • Grass Treatments
  • Lawn Repair
  • Weed Control
  • Dethatching and Aerating
  • Blackberry Bush and Invasive Ivy Removal
  • Bamboo Removal
  • Bark and Mulch Installation
  • Pet Waste Removal

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Year-round Lawn Care for Salmon Creek Properties

Our expert lawn care doesn’t destroy your grass. We use only high-end mowers, dethatchers, and aerators so your lawn is treated with precision and isn’t hurt in the process.

Talk to us about what types of plants you have growing in your back or front yard – chances are we have experience with them and can help you decide which require maintenance.

For example, ivy and blackberry bushes can become a nuisance in the summer; choking ferns and other desirable native plants quickly if not maintained or trimmed back. We can also take steps to permanently remove or control problematic plants, weeds, or bushes.

If your yard is perfect the way it is, we can help keep it that way with ongoing yard clean up service. Many Salmon Creek residents have pets who use the back and front yards frequently, and constant cleanup can become a hassle for busy professionals.

Talk to us about scheduling pet waste cleanup services so you can continue enjoying your yard, and your pet, more often!

Maintaining your lawn is easy with Urban Eden Landscaping in Salmon Creek, Washington!